Search by Case #:

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When searching by case number use the full case number assigned to you by the clerk of court. This includes the full year. See examples below. The underlined and bold section reflect the way the case number should be entered. The area in the parentheses is a break down and explanation of that case number :

Chancery - enter as 2019CH00032 (year + div + number, 2019 CH 00032)

Municipal - enter as 20191040317 (year + district number + casenumber, 2019 1 040317) The letter M is no longer a part of the case number and should be omitted when attempted

Domestic - enter as 2019D001193 (year + div + casenumber, 2019 D 001193)

2019OP60875(year + div + casenumber, 2019 OP 60875)

Law - enter as 2019L002869

Probate - enter as 2019P004033

Suburban – enter as 20194004898 (year + district number + casenumber, 2019 4 004898)
district number can be from 2-6

Foreign cases will be entered exactly as they are received from the clerk of the county of origin.

Under NO circumstances should spaces or punctuation be included in the case number.

Search by Sheriff #:

When searching by sheriff number, include all 8 digits, including leading zeroes.

Example: 00859157

Service Status Definitions

PENDING - Service is still being attempted.

SERVED - Service has been completed successfully.

NOT SERVED - Service was unsuccessful and is no longer being attempted.

Users are advised that the information on this website does not constitute an official record. Further, the Cook County Sheriff's Office and the County of Cook are not liable in any way for any inaccuracy of information published herein. The official court file is maintained by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County.